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Congratulations! You are live into the website  of the leading bulk sms provider in Africa!

You can register for FREE sms account by clicking "Create an Account" link by your left hand side.

Feel free to contact us incase of any assistance: call or send text to: 2348036576123, or 08098879981

Due to the fall in Nigeria naira, we have no option but to adjust our price for more effective services. Kindly bear with us


SMS PRICES are reviewed as follow: 

1 – 499 = N2.00

 999 = N1.70

1,000  2,999 = N1.50

3,000  9,999 = N1.30

10,000  99,999 = N1.10

100,000  999,999 = N1.00

1000,000  10,000,000 = N0.90

To buy SMS you can pay online with your ATM card, MasterCard, Visa etc and get credited automatically. Or you can pay to our bank account using your username as depositor. Then send text to: '08036576123' giving us your payment details i.e amount, bank teller no and username. Or after bank payment you can login to your SMS account on our website and submit your payment details. For bank payment you will be credited immediately we confirm your payment from our bank.



United Bank For Africa (UBA). ACCT NO: 1006001123. ACCT NAME: VIPLink Dot Info

Pay with your username as depositor.



The following are the features of this website for your enjoyment:


1. Send single or bulk SMS.


2. Buy SMS with your ATM Card, MasterCard, Visa etc and get your SMS units instantly.


3. Load instant SMS units using our Recharge Voucher sold in many locations across Africa like (GSM recharge card). You can become our SMS Recharge Voucher dealer and make lots of money reselling our Recharge Cards.


4. Calculate the cost of SMS units with our automatic cost calculator.


5. Use any number format: either you type your numbers vertically or horizontally: our system support any format.


6. Buy contact gsm numbers by category to broadcast your SMS advertisements.


7. Create Alert to automatically send daily or weekly inspirational  messages, sports update, TV guide, satellite Guide, News and any type of automatic periodic alerts.


8. Through our 'Facebook Log In' Icon you can send SMS directly from your Facebook site without visiting our website and get billed from your SMS account on our website.


9. Through our 'Desktop SMS' Icon you can send SMS directly from your desktop without visiting our website and get billed from your SMS account on our website.


10. The 'Bang' is that we are making Short code Services available to our customers at an unbelievably low cost of N25,000. The least you can get this service anywhere is N150,000. The 'Big Dogs' in this SMS business will not like this because they will always want to keep wide gap between the poor and the rich.


11. Reseller services are available to those who want to own SMS server or website just like our own.


12. Get SMS components at an unbelievably ultra-low price. Our SMS components are N2,500 for normal component and N5,000 for super component.  


13. We will always bring you more features for your pleasure; as we pose to prove that we are indeed second to none in Africa!



We are doling out the kind of bonanza that has NEVER been released in the history of bulk SMS business. Don't waste your opportunity to become a "Big Boy" in this bulk SMS business:

We are giving unlimited licenses for our bulk SMS components. That means if you buy our bulk SMS components during this bonanza period, you can as well resell it to as many people as you like because you can install it on as many website as you like.

Make hay while the sun shines!

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